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5 Strategies for Success With Low Housing Inventory

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - Mon, 2021-12-27 05:02

Rising home prices can mean higher commissions for real estate professionals, a low inventory housing market means that competition will be fierce. It is likely that you will have to compete against other real estate professionals to be a particular property’s listing agent or to secure a sought after home.

Real Estate Q&A: What’s the Best Way to Make Sure Sibling Is Taking Care of Mom’s House?

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - Mon, 2021-12-27 05:01

(TNS)—Q: Our youngest sister lives with our 94-year-old mother and takes care of her. The family has agreed that she will be the sole owner of the property upon my mother’s demise. My sister is listed on the house deed along with my mother, and we were wondering if this is best for tax purposes and inheritance. — Jo

People can own property together in three ways.

This Northern California Town Was the Most Popular on Zillow in 2021

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - Mon, 2021-12-27 05:00

(TNS)—Buckle up your snowshoes—South Lake Tahoe was the most popular city in the U.S. for people browsing real estate in 2021, according to Zillow.

Data analyses from the real estate company found homes for sale in the Sierra Nevada town were the most viewed in the country on its website this year, with nearly 5,500 views per listing.
While many of those views are just from online lookie-loos, Zillow analysts say some of the interest translates into actual sales.

In 2022, Compass is all about playing ‘the long game’

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Mon, 2021-12-27 05:00
Compass East President Neda Navab shares the brokerage's plan to create the best end-to-end transaction experience, whether iBuying is in Compass' future and how it's handling a lackluster stock market performance.

Lesson Learned: 27 pros share their top 2021 insights

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Mon, 2021-12-27 04:26
Look back at the industry talent we’ve featured this year — and their stories, motivations and dreams — and be inspired as you move into 2021.

The benefits of being part of a luxury referral network

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Mon, 2021-12-27 03:01
While referrals can come from clients, some of the best opportunities are those that come from fellow agents in your network. Here's how to make the most of that relationship.
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